Penne sopressata and roma tomatoes

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10 minutes
25 minutes
Sopressata Small


  • Sopressata 180g
  • Penne 400g
  • Roma Tomatoes 150g
  • Bocconcini 150g
  • Salt
  • Olive oil
  • Basil


Pasta Penne

- Place water in large pot and bring to boil

- Once boiling, add 1-2 small handfuls of rock salt

- Add the penne and cook for 11-12 min or as recommended by the package

- Commence cooking the sauce while the penne cook


- Cut the sopressata in 0.5cm thick slices and then cut into smaller streaks

- Drizzle some oil on pan and heat up

- Add the sopressata to the oil and cook at low heat for 7-8min or until the fat has become transparent and the meat has become crunchy

- Add the roma tomatoes and cook for 3-5min or until they have softened

- Turn the head off and add the bocconcini (may be cut in half if preferred)

Final steps

- Drain penne

- Add penne to the sauce (make sure it is still warm) and mix throughout

Serve with parmesan and basil on top