We’re proud to have been awarded Champions at both Royal Tasmanian and Sydney Fine Food Awards 2023

Artisan Salumi is the range we bring to your tables

We create gourmet handcrafted salami and air-dried cured meats exclusively from Australian pork and beef, respecting a traditional natural ageing process and the original recipe

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Natural ageing
Our products are NOT heat treated, just naturally aged or cured

Established in 1978, Puopolo spent 40 years serving the food service and manufacturing sectors and now, out of the experience gained from 40 years’ hard work, a new Puopolo business unit has emerged.

The new business unit – which inherits and maintains the family name – is already distributing to Melbourne’s best restaurants and delicatessens.

A family owned company

Having learned and inherited the passion for salami making from our father, we’re now sharing it with our extended family, including our wives, staff members, loyal suppliers and partners. Our attention to detail and respect for traditional methods is at the forefront of everything we do.

Our secret ingredient...time

We start with traditional recipes and ingredients - key factors for good salami and cured meats making - but the last and most important step in our process is carefully dry ageing our products. This is the true secret to achieving the quality and taste of our original Italian recipes.

Distributing Australia Wide

Our company is based in Melbourne but, thanks to an extensive network of distributors, we’re able to supply our salami and cured meats Australia wide.

A range to indulge

We’ve introduced some new additions to the range: capocollo, speck and Italian-style ham, but that’s just the start. Watch this space - soon we will be tasting something deliciously unexpected.

Each morsel is lovingly prepared in our new laboratory using traditional family recipes and 100% premium Australian pork and beef, carefully blended with hand-milled spices to create a superior flavour and texture.

Curing and air-dry ageing

We’ve learnt from experience that the secret of a recipe is not just enclosed in the careful selection of ingredients and in the balanced use of salt and spices. Method and conditions for dry ageing are equally important.

The skills required to manage both the curing and dry ageing phases can only derive from experience and passion.

quality as a priority

An artisan production with quality consistency

The traditional method of salumi making, dating back to the most authentic Italian recipes, is carefully respected in our production site where quality is a consistent and primary goal.

Puopolo's wide range of salami and cured meats is produced in a state-of-the-art food premises where each step, from meat selection to packaging and dispatch is made under the judicious and tireless supervision of expert staff members.