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Salamino Hot Calabrese Style

Our Free Range Salamino is made with 100% Victorian Free rangepork. The addition of a hot Calabrian sauce, directly imported from Italy made with ripe Hot Calabrian chilli peppers, gives a deep spicy note with a distinctive look, flavour and shade. Made using traditional methods, it is perfect for eating on a pizza,or just simply to enjoy on its own with bread and a cold beer. Aged for a minimum of 30 days. UCFM (Uncooked Fermented Meat), NOT heat treated


Australian Free RangePork (90%), Hot Pepper Sauce, Salt, Spices (including chilli), Sugar, Dextrose (Maize), White Wine, Antioxidant (316), Preservative (250, 251), Mineral Salt (341), Starter Culture

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Did you know?

What's the difference between hot and mild salami?

Mild salami, as the name suggests, has a milder and more subtle flavor compared to hot salami. It typically has a balanced combination of meaty, salty, and slightly tangy flavors. Hot salami, on the other hand, has a pronounced spiciness due to the addition of hot peppers or spices. It offers a bolder and more intense flavor profile.

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A little bit of history

The eldest salami of all..Cacciatore!
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