Salami and cured meats board

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40-60 mins
Capocollo Hot


On the board
  • Casalingo mild 50g
  • Hungarian csabai smoked 50g
  • Bocconcini hot 50g
  • Capocollo hot 50g
  • Grissini (breadsticks) 100g
  • Provolone cheese 200g
  • Walnuts 20g
  • Mixed salad 50g
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Flour type ‘00’ 750g
  • Full cream milk 300g
  • Water 200g
  • Lard 60g
  • Dry yeast 3g
  • Olive oil 50g
  • Salt 1 tablespoon
Gnocco fritto
  • Flour type ‘0’ 500g
  • Water 200g
  • Dry yeast 8g
  • Lard 70g
  • Sugar 1 teaspoon
  • Salt 12g
  • Oil or lard to fry



(use of a mix master is preferable)

- Place the flour into the mix master bowl with the milk, dry yeast and lard and commence mixing

- After 1min start to slowly add the olive oil and then the water and continue mixing

- Once the dough starts to come off the edges of the bowl, add the salt

- Mix throughout for 6min

- Place the dough onto a flat surface with some flour

- Work the dough until smooth and mixed homogeneously

- Work the dough into a ball and place into another bowl

- Cover with glad wrap and leave it to rest for 2 hours

- After the 2 hours, place the bowl with the dough into the fridge for 8 hours

- Place the dough onto a surface with flour and work it with a rolling pin in order to obtain a 5mm thick dough

- Using a cooking cutter of 8.5cm make as many discs = tigella as possible

- Place the tigella onto a tray with cooking paper and let it rest for 20min

- Bring a non-stick pan to medium heat

- Cook each tigella for 4-5min per side or until golden (check that the first tigella is cooked inside – if it appears raw, turn the heat down and cook for longer)

Gnocco fritto

- Mix 60g of flour with the dry yeast, sugar and 50-60g of water into a bowl

- Cover with gladwrap and leave it to rise for 1+ hour or until it has doubled in size

- Add the remaining flour and water

- Mix throughout – you may need to add a little bit of flour and/or water to allow it to become a homogeneous mix

- Slowly add the lard – add 10-15g at the time and allow it to be fully absorbed before adding more

- Add the salt and mix until smooth and homogeneous

- Cover with gladwrap and leave it to rise for 2+ hours or until it triples in size

- Work the dough with a rolling pin until you obtain a 3mm thick dough

- Cut the dough into 5cmx3cm thick stripes

- Cut each one into 3 small rhombus = gnocco fritto

- Add generous amounts of oil onto a pan with tall edges

- Once hot (175 degrees), add one gnocco fritto at the time

- Once the gnocco fritto starts to puff up flip it and cook on the other side. This process should take no longer than 1min

- Place the cooked gnocco fritto onto a plate with paper towel


-         Prepare the walnuts and mixed salad by mixing the salad, walnuts, a drizzle of olive oil and pinch of salt

-         Slice the salami, if not already sliced

-         Add all of the ingredients onto a large plate