Vol au vent with Mortadella mousse

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20 mins
15 mins
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  • Mortadella150g
  • Freshcream 50g
  • Philadelphia 80g
  • Pistacchi15-20g
  • Salt
  • Pepper
Vol au vent
  • Puffpastry 2-3 sheets
  • Eggx 1


Vol au vent

- Place the puff pastry onto surface on baking paper

- Using a round 6cm cooking cutter cut 40 circles of pastry

- Using a round 3-4cm cooking cutter cut a smaller circle inside 10 of the already made circles of pastry (if able to re-use the cut out pastry, please feel free to make more vol au vent)

- With a fork, make some small holes onto the 10 ‘full’ circles of pastry

- Place the 3x ‘hollow’ circles of pastry over the each of the ‘full’ circles

- Whisk the egg to mix throughout and brush over the 10 pastries

- Cook in the over at 200° for 10-15min or until the vol au vent appear puffy and golden

While this is cooking commence on mortadella mousse

Mortadella mousse

- Use a food processor or blender to blend 15g of pistacchi and set aside

- Use the same food process or blender to mix the mortadella and fresh cream

- Add the Philadelphia and pistacchi to the mix

- Add a pinch of salt and pepper to the mix

- Mix throughout until you obtain a mousse

Final steps

- Place the mousse into the Vol au vent

- Sprinkle some spare pistacchi on top for presentation