Mortadella is a cooked sausage cylindrical in shape and pink in colour, made of pork and beef, has an intense unique aroma and smooth texture. Our Mortadella is made from the finest Australian pork and beef cuts which are finely ground down with the addition of various spices, filled in to casings and then baked for a minimum of 16 hours.


Australian Pork & Beef (84%), water, white wine, Flavourings, Dextrose, Sodium Citrate (E331), Sodium ascorbate (E301). This product may contain traces of Soy Protein.

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What meat is used to make mortadella?

Mortadella (Italian pronunciation: [mortaˈdɛlla]) is a large Italian sausage or luncheon meat (salume [saˈluːme]) made of finely hashed or ground heat-cured pork, which incorporates at least 15% small cubes of pork fat (principally the hard fat from the neck of the pig).

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Vol au vent with Mortadella mousse
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