Children or adults' party? Offer them mortadella

History and origins

Mortadella dates back to the Roman Empire. The first proof of its existence is a marble slab depicting 7 little pigs and a mortar with pestel, which was used by the Romans to cure meats. There are mentions of this product in cooking books dated at 300 a.C., but we have to wait until 1644 to find the first recipe carrying the word 'mordatella'. The author of the book was Vincenzo Tanara, a Marquis from Valsamoggia, nearby Bologna.
In 1661 some public rules were introduced to protect the perfection of the real Mortadella, which can only be made by using pork and can only contain certain specific spices.
This seems to be the very first time that strict rules applied to protect a culinary product in Italy.

Current use and suggestions

Mortadella must be eaten just sliced. Try it both thin in your panino or wrap, or alternatively very thick like you just saw in Michele's suggestion. It can be a great addition to your cheese board, especially if you serve it with a few drops of Balsamic Vinegar Glaze.
Mortadella skewers are another very quick and easy idea to make at home for your kids and friends.